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For Ebay inc. salaries, 1Point3Acres H1B Salary Database has found 8042 records: The Median Salary is $134,112, the top applies cities are San jose, Bellevue, the top 5 Job Titles are SOFTWARE ENGINEER 3, SOFTWARE ENGINEER 2, MTS 1 SOFTWARE ENGINEER, SOFTWARE ENGINEER 3 QUALITY, MTS 2 SOFTWARE ENGINEER

eBay Inc.Software Quality Engineer, 3153,647San Jose , CA2021-12-202022-06-18Certified
eBay Inc.Software Engineer 3150,000New York, NY2021-12-202022-06-18Certified
eBay Inc.Senior Product Manager 2185,716San Jose, CA2021-12-202022-06-17Certified
eBay Inc.User Experience Designer153,772San Jose, CA2021-12-202022-06-17Certified
eBay Inc.Manager, Product Management 2 - Tech207,300Bellevue, WA2021-12-212022-06-17Certified
eBay Inc.MTS 2, Software Engineer220,002San Jose, CA2021-12-102022-06-09Certified
eBay Inc.Sr. MTS, Software Engineer278,950San Jose, CA2021-12-102022-06-09Certified
eBay Inc.MTS 2, Software Engineer, Quality195,411San Jose, CA2021-12-102022-06-09Certified
eBay Inc.Manager, Operations Analytics142,406Austin, TX2021-12-102022-06-09Certified
eBay Inc.MTS 1, Software Engineer179,339San Jose, CA2021-12-152022-06-08Certified
eBay Inc.MTS 1, Software Engineer199,327Bellevue, WA2021-12-092022-06-06Certified
eBay Inc.MTS 1, Software Engineer 172,850San Jose, CA2021-12-132022-06-06Certified
eBay Inc.Software Engineer 2125,400San Jose, CA2021-12-072022-06-05Certified
eBay Inc.Network Engineer 3145,000San Jose, CA2021-12-072022-06-04Certified
eBay Inc.MTS 2, Software Engineer192,601Bellevue, WA2021-12-032022-06-01Certified
eBay Inc.Software Engineer 3, Quality142,301San Jose, CA2021-12-102022-06-01Certified
eBay Inc.MTS 1, Software Engineer169,386San Jose, CA2021-12-022022-05-30Certified
eBay Inc.Software Engineer 3151,000San Jose, CA2021-12-012022-05-29Certified
eBay Inc.Software Engineer 3154,346San Jose, CA2021-12-102022-05-29Certified
eBay Inc.Software Engineer 3153,769San Jose, CA2021-12-102022-05-29Certified