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For Goldman sachs & co. llc salaries, 1Point3Acres H1B Salary Database has found 4828 records: The Median Salary is $117,055, the top applies cities are New york, Salt lake city, the top 5 Job Titles are ANALYST, ASSOCIATE, VICE PRESIDENT, SENIOR ANALYST, VICE PRESIDENT INTERMEDIATE ASSOCIATE

GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCAssociate76,800New York, NY2021-12-212022-06-02Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCAssociate 125,500New York, NY2021-12-022022-05-31Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCExtended Manager Director400,000New York, NY2021-12-142022-05-30Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCAssociate150,000New York, NY2021-12-012022-05-29Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCVice President280,000New York, NY2021-11-132022-05-07Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCAssociate100,900New York, NY2021-11-102022-05-06Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCAssociate160,000New York, NY2021-11-052022-05-01Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCVice President260,000New York, NY2021-11-012022-04-26Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCVice President172,000Salt Lake City, UT2021-10-082022-04-09Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCVice President250,000New York, NY2021-10-072022-04-08Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCVice President141,000New York, NY2021-10-122022-04-07Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCAssociate144,000New York, NY2021-10-042022-04-02Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCAssociate144,000New York, NY2021-10-182022-04-02Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO LLCVICE PRESIDENT150,000NEW YORK, NY2021-11-132022-04-01Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCAnalyst74,200Dallas, TX2021-10-012022-04-01Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCAnalyst74,200Dallas, TX2021-10-252022-04-01Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO LLCVICE PRESIDENT150,000NEW YORK, NY2021-12-202022-03-31Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCVice President205,000New York, NY2021-09-292022-03-30Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCVice President91,500Dallas, TX2021-09-242022-03-25Certified
GOLDMAN SACHS & CO. LLCVice President162,000New York, NY2021-10-252022-03-20Certified