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For Mufg union bank n.a. salaries, 1Point3Acres H1B Salary Database has found 290 records: The Median Salary is $131,296, the top applies cities are Tempe, Charlotte, the top 5 Job Titles are APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT PROFESSIONAL, SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER, LEAD SOFTWARE ENGINEER, SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER, LEAD SOFTWARE ENGINEER

MUFG Union Bank N.A.Lead Software Engineer 155,295Monterey Park, CA2021-12-082022-05-20Certified
MUFG Union Bank N.A.Cloud Infrastructure Operations & Engineering, VP 170,000Jersey City , NJ2021-12-032022-05-13Certified
MUFG Union Bank N.A.Senior Software Engineer 115,000Tempe, AZ2021-11-162022-05-06Certified
MUFG Union Bank N.A.Application Development Manager 168,000Jersey City , NJ2021-11-162022-05-06Certified
MUFG Union Bank N.A.HR Technology Integrations Manager153,000Tempe, AZ2021-11-042022-04-29Certified
MUFG Union Bank N.A.Business Systems Analyst126,000Princeton, NJ2021-11-022022-04-29Certified
MUFG Union Bank N.A.Application Development Manager 150,966.25Jersey City , NJ2021-12-092022-04-03Certified
MUFG Union Bank N.A.VP – Application Development Manager 150,966.25Jersey City , NJ2021-11-302022-04-03Certified
MUFG Union Bank N.A.Security Engineering, Associate Vice President140,000Jersey City , NJ2021-10-282022-04-01Certified
MUFG Union Bank N.A.Database Administrator140,000Jersey City, NJ2021-11-052022-03-04Certified
MUFG Union Bank N.A.Business System Consultant 185,000Los Angeles, CA2021-11-182022-02-19Certified
MUFG Union Bank, N.A.Application Development Professional155,264.95Jersey City , NJ2021-09-232022-02-02Certified
MUFG Union Bank, N.A.Director--Global Financial Crimes 195,000New York , NY2021-08-242022-01-29Certified
MUFG Union Bank N.A.Global Financial Crimes Manager 170,000Irving, TX2021-12-072022-01-17Certified
MUFG Union Bank N.A.Senior Software Engineer132,400Tempe, AZ2021-12-082022-01-17Certified
MUFG Union Bank N.A.Senior Software Engineer122,718Jersey City, NJ2021-10-142022-01-12Certified
MUFG Union Bank. N.ALead Software Engineer 162,750Jersey City , NJ2021-07-272022-01-08Certified
MUFG Union Bank N.A.Business Analyst79,560Tempe, AZ2021-12-212022-01-05Certified
MUFG Union Bank. N.ACredit Risk Professional120,000New York, NY2021-08-252021-12-25Certified
MUFG Union Bank N.A.Application Development Manager162,850Jersey City, NJ2021-11-042021-12-14Certified